Insider study: A woman featured on Myspace star David Dobrik’s channel says she ended up being raped by a Vlog group member in 2018 the night time these people filmed a video clip about crowd gender

Insider study: A woman featured on Myspace star David Dobrik’s channel says she ended up being raped by a Vlog group member in 2018 the night time these people filmed a video clip about crowd gender

A group of seven individuals had been on the method to see David Dobrik, but Hannah weren’t aware whom he had been

The close friends stacked into undoubtedly their unique cars commit score a video with Dobrik’s YouTube-famous posse the Vlog group. Hannah acknowledged the relatives enjoyed video clips from the club, but didn’t come with concept how widely known these people truly happened to be.

At the time, December 2018, Dobrik involved to exceed 10 million YouTube visitors and was actually perfectly on his own solution to are among the many program’s most significant performers. David and also the Vlog group are recognized for their particular hectic funny video clips which have been referred to as “half-scripted.” The information appears like a mixture of reality TV, improv, and situational comedy.

By March 2020, he’d generally be named “Gen Z’s Jimmy Fallon” because wall structure neighborhood record, living in a $9.5 million manor with a $200,000 Aston Martin, as a consequence of profitable sponsorships with manufacturer such as SeatGeek and Chipotle, which once bought a burrito named after him.

Early that week, a few of the college students experienced begun chattering over Instagram with a Vlog Squad user which went by the name Durte Dom. Dom, whoever genuine name is Dominykas Zeglaitis, stated they planned to “hook upward” along with them — as indicated by direct-message records analyzed by Insider — as well as some of Hannah’s family had been fascinated. That day, Hannah would get ensnared inside no-holds-barred, clicks-and-cash-fueled customs about the Vlog Squad people famed inside their videos.

Students who’d observed Dobrik’s video clips know Zeglaitis starred a figure for the vlogs who was a gender addict. These people weren’t aware when the figure moving and ended, and useful content wasn’t confident whether they had been truly said to be doing naughty things with him that night.

“The alluring things definitely won’t be within the vlog, ideal?” they requested over immediate messages on Instagram.

“need to grab a picture just to program dave so the man believes me haha,” Zeglaitis, period 23 at the time, responded, apparently talking about Dobrik.

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Hannah, a 20-year-old sophomore at a private liberal-arts faculty in L. A. at the time, weren’t aware what to anticipate, but she am awake for an experience.

She claimed she weren’t able to posses forecast what would occur that nights, she claimed, and this the parties have left the with upheaval.

In contact interviews with Insider, Hannah accused Zeglaitis of rape by attempting to engage in intercourse along with her that night while she was extremely disabled by liquor that this dish could not consent. She claims members of the Vlog team supplied beer to her along with her close friends, have been too-young purchasing they themselves.

Dobrik shot Hannah with the rental, and as she arrived in Zeglaitis’ bedroom with him or her. He modified and published the footage as a “threesome” plot a couple of days later, in a vlog called “SHE SHOULDN’T HOLD PLAYED WITH FLAMES!!” previously got wiped at Hannah’s request, it absolutely was regarded 5 million periods.

Hannah chatted with Insider of the state of privacy out-of problem that revealing their name could determine occupations. (within this journey, them term and those of her buddies whom opted for the to Zeglaitis’ condominium are not their particular true figure, but pseudonyms opted for by Insider, and that’s aware of their true identifications.)

At the end of January, if Insider first of all achieved out over Zeglaitis about Hannah’s journey, this individual claimed they did not need to speak about the Vlog Squad but would communicate with his “own accomplishments.” Hit once more at the beginning of March concerning the accusations, he declined to remark.

Insider likewise reached off to Dobrik’s maintenance with each member of the Vlog group who appeared in the views featuring Hannah — Jason Nash, Jeff Wittek, Todd Black, Nick Antonyan, and Brandon Calvillo. Simply Wittek answered.

Dobrik’s lawyers, Bryan Freedman, introduced an announcement to Insider with that being said “David is addressing his own society straight.” The record continued to convey “anybody who knows your is aware he does certainly not condone misconduct in almost any form. Vlog individuals give agreement before nothing is published. Anytime consent is definitely retracted, stuff is got rid of. Any insinuation of wrongful conduct are erroneous and defamatory.”

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